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Installing Ceiling & Wall Panels

What you have to remember

Use the panel for indoor uses only, except outside applications where the panel is not in contact with direct sunlight

We can provide the following:

  • Site visit by one of our Qualified Installers to estimate the materials needed and give answers to any additional questions you may have.
  • Product samples will be available to view with a site visit.
  • Arrange an installation time convenient for you.
  • Prepare any surfaces prior to install if needed.
  • Supply all fixings and sealants.
  • Arrange a qualified Electrician if needed.
  • Clean up work area after installation.

Fitting to Ceiling

Installing Ezzy Wood panels is relatively quick and easy.

Fitting to wall

The Panels can be fitted directly to the wall and can be fixed straight over tiles. Only on exceptionally uneven/bad conditioned walls use the aluminum framework when the fitting panels.
It is important to ensure that when fitting the first panel you check that it is running straight using a spirit level.

Fitting of Trims

The typical installation can be seen in the Picture